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LECTURESHIPS & BUSARIES : McDougall Endowment Fund

To: Senior Residents (PGY3-5) University of Alberta Urology Program

The Charles McDougal Memorial fund will be awarding a prize this year. Charles McDougal was a Senior healthcare administrator at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. He was diagnosed and treated for advanced kidney cancer from which he eventually succumbed. He was a visionary man with a broad perspective of healthcare both from an individual and a population perspective. Following his death, his family established a fund with the University of Alberta Hospital Foundation to support and encourage academic activities within the Urology program at the University of Alberta. The specific intent was to support research that would have some direct and practical impact on urological care both present and future in Alberta. This prize is awarded to a Senior resident in the University of Alberta Urology program whose research and academic work has the most potential and applicability to improve the future healthcare of Albertans. The amount of the award this year will be $1500.

The application will consist of 2 parts. The first part is a maximum 2 page summary of the research work with an explanation and discussion how this has potential to improve the urological care of patients in Alberta in the future. The second part should be a correlation of the research in a traditional format with an introduction, methods, results, and conclusion sections. This may be one project or the collation of several smaller projects. The application should be submitted in an electronic format to Nichole Olenek (nolenek@aburologyinstitute.com). These applications will then be reviewed by a panel; Dr. David Mador, Dr. Michael Chetner and Dr. Bob Bear.

Applications are due by

The award will be announced at the annual urology dinner and celebration in June.

University Hospital Foundation

Charles W McDougall and Sandra Rae Versteeg-McDougall Endowment Fund

Charles W McDougall worked for 30 years in the health care field in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. Much of his career was dedicated to assuring the integration of research and teaching with patient care so that all three of these elements were improved.

Sandy and Charles and their family feel the establishment of this fund would recognize effort made by residents in integrating these three elements and would appropriately reflect the values Charles exuded during his lifetime and Sandy would nurture in her lifetime.

Presentation by daughter Sandy McDougall Awarding to Dr. Trevor Schuler
(middle) flanked by Dr. David Mador
and Sandy McDougall.

The purpose of this fund is to provide an annual award to a senior urology resident whose research project is deemed most likely to benefit patients served by Capital Health. Potential recipients will be judged on their potential to make future contributions to the field of urology as well as the quality of the work itself should stand equally with the assessment of the potential of the candidate
Dr. Charles W McDougall
Dr. Charles W