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ABOUT : The Chetner Years (1995 - 2010)

The current Divisional Director, Dr. Michael Chetner graduated from the University of Alberta in 1983. His rotating internship was taken at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver. He started his residency in the Urology Training Program at the University of Alberta in 1984, was certified in Urology in 1988, and received his Fellowship in 1989. During his training, he completed an MSc in Experimental Surgery focusing on photodynamic therapy in a rat prostate cancer model. He did further Fellowship training in Seattle at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital at the University of Washington under Dr. M.K. Brawer, specializing in the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer.

Further training in Seattle, under Drs Paul H. Lange & Michael E. Mayo, was in the fields of continent diversion, neurogenic voiding dysfunction (spinal cord injury). He established his Urology practice in Calgary in the fall of 1990. He returned to Edmonton in the fall of 1991 to join Dr. Donnelly and Dr. Robinson in practice at the Misericordia Hospital. His current clinical practice focuses on prostate disease and uro-oncology. His research activities are focused on clinical trials in prostate cancer, bladder cancer, impotence, and benign prostate obstruction. In 1991, he was elected President of the Alberta Society of Urologists, a position that he stepped down from in 1996. Also in 1991, he was elected to the Executive of Canadian Uro-Oncology Group, and became its Treasurer in 1996. In 1993, he was selected as a member of the POS Nucleus Exam Committee, and in 1995 was selected as a member of the Nucleus Exam Committee and The Examination Board of the Royal College in Urology. In 1994, Dr. Malcolm McPhee charged Dr. Chetner with the responsibility of establishing the Edmonton Prostate Center to provide the public with information concerning prostate disease and to act as a focus for the Division in clinical research. In 1995 when Dr. McPhee retired, he was named as Acting Divisional Director of Urology and in the fall of 1996 was selected as the Director of the Division of Urology at the University of Alberta. In 1997 at the Canadian Urologic Association annual meeting in Quebec City, he was elected Secretary.

During his term, Dr. Michael Chetner, Dr. Gerry Todd and members of the Resident Program Committee have had to deal with the restructuring of the Residency Training Program because of the changes in the delivery of medical services in the Edmonton region. As Section Leader, he has had to deal with fiscal restraint, managed care maps, and hospital closures. He has involved all members of the staff in the difficult decisions, and provides a strong voice for the Urology Section with regard to these changes.

In 2005, Dr. Michael Chetner moved the Division of Urology and the Urology Residency Program from the University of Alberta Hospital and joined the newly formed Alberta Urology Institute Inc. This site provides a dedicated environment for urological practice with 12 practicing urologists in the office and includes the Alberta Urology Institute Research Centre. Dr. Chetner’s hope is to continue to move the Division forward in these times of change and redevelopment.

Residents who graduated during Dr. Michael Chetner’s years:

Dr. Michael Hobart 1995 Edmonton, Alberta
Dr. Tim Wollin 1996 Edmonton, Alberta
Dr. Gregory Kozak 1997 Calgary, Alberta
Dr. Theresa McCallum 1998 Edmonton, Alberta
Dr. Mohammed Bhatt 1998 Sayre, Pennsylvania
Dr. Gary Gray 1998 Edmonton, Alberta
Dr. Hans Yamamoto 1998 General Practitioner Edmonton
Dr. Andrew Portis 1998 St. Paul, Minnesota
Dr. Gregory Houle 1999 Vernon, British Columbia
Dr. Michael Crichlow 2000 Regina, Saskatchewan
Dr. Layton Burkart 2001 Transferred to Emergency Medicine
Dr. Keith Rourke 2001 Edmonton, Alberta
Dr. Jeffrey Campbell 2002 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Dr. Martin Duffy 2002 Calgary, Alberta
Dr. Darcie Kiddoo 2003 Edmonton, Alberta
Dr. Howard Evans 2003 Edmonton, Alberta
Dr. Will Tinmouth 2003 Comax, British Columbia
Dr. Niels Jacobsen 2004 Indianapolis, Indiana
Dr. Steven Scheiman 2005 Cranbrook, British Columbia
Dr. Trevor Schuler 2006 Edmonton, Alberta
Dr. Guy Paterson 2007 Prince Geroge, British Columbia
Dr. Shari McKinny 2007 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Dr David Rebuck 2008 Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Eric Hyndman 2009 Calgary, Alberta
Dr. Darby Cassidy 2009 Prince Geroge, British Columbia
Dr. Blair St Martin 2010 Edmonton, Alberta
Dr. Chasta Bacsu 2011 Victoria, British Columbia
Dr. Troy Schultz 2011 Vernon, British Columbia
Dr. Adrian Fairey 2011 Edmonton, Alberta
Dr. Conrad Maciejewski 2014 Edmonton, Alberta (Fellowship)
Dr. Joey Roy 2013 Grande Prairie, Alberta
Dr. Winston Teo 2013 Penticton, British Columbia
Dr. Jeff Zorn 2014 Courtenay, British Columbia

Current residents in the Urology Training Program at the University of Alberta Anticipated Graduation Year:

Dr. Ellen Forbes 2015
Dr. Phil Bach 2015
Dr. Stephan Van Zyl 2015
Dr. Adam Kinnaird 2016
Dr. Joseph LaBossiere 2016
Dr. Erik Beuker 2016
Dr. Alexandra Bascom 2017
Dr. Lucas Dean 2017
Dr. Trevor Haines 2018
Dr. Nathan Hoy 2018
Dr. Max Levine 2018
Dr. Jan Rudzinski 2019
Dr. Logan Zemp 2019
Dr. Andrew Rasmussen 2019
Dr. Michael Chetner